Where is Mia now!

Hello! Its me Millie sorry its been awhile but the Iowa weather as not been our friend lately. I have been cooped up in the house because of all this white stuff that keeps falling from the sky. We have a whole bunch of it in the back yard that limits me to where I can go, most of it is over my head. Finally today we had a beautiful day with some warm sunshine and a great day for a car ride. While on our car ride we recognized a white husky that has a familiar wiggle to her walk. If you remember Mia she was the pup that we took to Colorado for double hip surgery and she then lived with me for awhile during rehabilitation. I wanted to get out and play but mom said no it was to muddy and Mia was on her way home from a 2 mile walk. Mia’s owner loves to go for walks so a 1 to 2 mile walk every day is her routine, and it has helped strengthen her hips and she is walking really good. We got some kisses and Mia wanted to jump into the car with us, leaving a few muddy paw prints on the car. Instead of the car ride we made a play date for the dog park in a few weeks if its not too muddy, so we will have more in April on Mia and some pictures (forgot my phone). It was the best thing that happened all weekend, I love seeing happy adopted pets. If you are interested in me coming to visit you, getting your adoption story and what your doing now on my blog please send me an email to bkaybling@gmail.com

Millie hopes to see you soon!