New for 2019 _ Millie’s Blog

Hello My name is Millie and I adopted my mom 4 years ago from Patriots for Pets. I was a sick little girl with some breathing problems and she agreed to foster me so i could have some one on one care. I went home with her and the best part is she carried me every where and spoiled me every day. There was a really big dog in the house but he didn’t care much for me because I was getting all the attention, but he loved me any way. Mom fell in love with me and dad agreed that I could stay and I made my home in Clear Lake permanently. I will be telling stories about my fellow Rescue friends in the shelter and those that have been adopted and where/what are they doing now. This is a new adventure for me and blogging is something new for me, most of the time I just like to sleep and play. Please follow me every 1st day of the Month (beginning February 1st) for new stories and adventures at Patriots for Pets Shelter & Rescue.